Chapter 8 Advanced features of _magpie

In this section we will play around with various ways of customizing _magpie experiments. To do this, we will use our first example frome before, on the interpretation of “confidence intervals”, which you can clone from here. The following exercises all modify this experiment in different (not necessarily particularly reasonable) ways. The results of all this customization are also in the customization_exercises branch in the repository linked above.

8.1 Changing the CSS styles

Make the picture of Prof. Bumbledorf smaller, by overwriting the default CSS in file 01_custom_styles.css.

8.2 Customize the post-survey enquette

Create a custom view for the post-survey screen that includes an additional question, e.g., “Have you taken this survey before?” with a dropdown menu with options “yes”, “no” and “maybe”.

Make sure that the data from this added field also shows up in the output in the final data table!

8.3 Add a short pause between trials

Add a short 1 second pause between each main trial.

8.4 Add a response check

Add a function (using a hook for after_response_enabled) to tell participants whether their answer was correct or not.