Chapter 7 Deployment of _magpie experiments

After having developed and tested your experiment in debug mode, to deploy an experiment (present it to the public, and collect data), you will usually go through the following steps:

  1. create the experiment (where the data should be saved) on an instance of the _magpie server app, as described here
  2. configure the deploy information in file 06_main.js as described here
  • NB: if you are using Prolific, you need to input the completion code as described here
  1. commit your changes to git
  2. host the website to obtain a public URL, e.g., by using netlify, as described here
  3. recruit participants, by
  • sending out a link or inviting people into the lab
  • use Prolific’s interface (where you enter the URL and complete submission of the experiment)
  • post the experiment on MTurk, e.g., using the procedure described here