_magpie provides a minimal architecture for the generation of portable interactive experiments. It offers a simple design template with great convenience functions and many fully worked out examples. You can quickly create behavioral experiments which run inside any modern browser, so that experiments can easily be shared with other researchers to promote your work and support open science.

To collect the data from your experiments, _magpie provides a server app with functionality for storing and retrieving the data from your experiments in a database. Thereby _magpie allows for multiple methods of deployment without having to change the experiment itself. _magpie makes it easy to use crowdsourcing platforms like Amazon's MechanicalTurk or Prolific to recruit participants.

Read the overview section to learn more about _magpie in general. Follow the quick start guide to get you up and running with your own experiment. You can check out the showroom, which displays many of the features of _magie experiments. If you need more information, there is also extensive documentation. Or, you could have a look at some templates and examples:

  • Departure Point: minimal template to start developing your own experiment
  • Showroom: display of some of _magpie's functionality

We are currently working on magpie v3, a reimplementation of magpie using modern web technologies. The fruits of this endeavor can be found in the magpie v3 manual and the magpie v3 API reference