_magpie provides help with three major aspects of online experiments: (i) designing your experiments and (ii) collecting and storing data from participants and (iii) recruiting participants for your experiment.

_magpie experiments are provided as a conceptual framework, some convenience functions and many examples, so as to leave you all the freedom to create whatever your research goals demand.

The _magpie server app offers ready-made but customizable functions for storing experimental data in a database. To be able to record data from a _magpie experiment with the _magpie server app you will need to install it, following the installation instructions in the docs.

_magpie provides convenience functions to help you collect data from participants in many ways. It only requires changing a few lines of code to either just share a link with your friends or students, post it as a HIT on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk or recruit participants via Prolific. More on this is in the data collection section.